5 Unique Places to Have Your Wedding in Vegas

Photo by Flickr user Lachlan (via Creative Commons)

There’s nothing quite like a Vegas wedding, but it can be difficult to decide exactly where in Vegas to have your actual wedding. The locations for the honeymoon or bachelor and bachelorette parties are much easier to find. However, there are more than enough Vegas chapels and we can help you find them. Here’s five places to hold your Vegas wedding. Continue reading

Considering a Vegas Wedding? Here are Five Classic Options.

Las Vegas Wedding ~ Photo courtesy Flickr user Curtis Gregory Perry

A Las Vegas wedding is a unique and fun-filled way to celebrate your special day. If you’re considering a wedding in Sin City here are five of our top picks for themes, locations and styles.

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Four Things To Do For Your Bachelorette Party in Vegas

Let’s face it, times have changed. Bachelorette parties can be just as wild as bachelor parties and often are. When girls get together it doesn’t have to be like an episode of The Real Housewives of [ _insert location here_ ].

Rather, it’s an exciting time where everyone from the bachelorette to the bridal party and friends can enjoy a night out on the town. Best of all there are so many things to enjoy in Las Vegas that you’ll make memories to last a lifetime for your bachelorette party.

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Five Reasons to Rent a Limousine for Your Bachelor Party

A bachelor party in Las Vegas should be a time of fun; a time to let loose and enjoy a night of partying with the groom. When enjoying a bachelor party, you don’t want to have to worry about the little details that can ruin the fun and you certainly don’t won’t to have to worry about staying safe.

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Las Vegas Wedding Tips: It Doesn’t Have To Include Elvis

Las Vegas Wedding

Las Vegas Wedding (credit: Flickr.com/blueisbest)

Each year, over 90,000 people travel to Las Vegas to tie the knot. If you’re planning to get married in this incredible city in the near future, you have a huge selection of venues to choose from.  Your wedding can be anything you dream it to be.  Here are a few Las Vegas wedding tips to get you started on putting together an incredible celebration in Sin City.

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