5 Unique Places to Have Your Wedding in Vegas

Photo by Flickr user Lachlan (via Creative Commons)

There’s nothing quite like a Vegas wedding, but it can be difficult to decide exactly where in Vegas to have your actual wedding. The locations for the honeymoon or bachelor and bachelorette parties are much easier to find. However, there are more than enough Vegas chapels and we can help you find them. Here’s five places to hold your Vegas wedding.

5. Chapel of the Flowers

There are more wedding chapels in Vegas than most would bother to count. Most give in to the fun nature of Vegas and move far away from traditional wedding chapels. Chapel of the Flowers does not which makes it a nice change of pace and an ideal place to hold a wedding even in Las Vegas. There’s plenty to choose from when it comes to this chapel. There are four wedding packages to choose from so you can choose a theme for your Vegas wedding. There’s intimate, elegant, legendary and adventurous. All provide great wedding memories. Prices range anywhere from $199 for the simplest package to $10,000 for the best. There’s on site planners, videographers and everything else you’ll need for your wedding. You may not want to look any further when it comes to Vegas chapels.

4. Belleza Wedding Chapel

The Belleza Wedding Chapel includes a beautiful gazebo area and perfect spots to get married. Fitting since Belleza means “beautiful” in Spanish. The choices for your wedding are just as varied with this chapel. They will even customize your wedding for all you brides out there that already know exactly what you want. Known for its look and attentive staff, Belleza is  the chapel that focuses on the details. Everything from flowers to videographers are available here. Another memorable place to hold that Vegas wedding for sure.

3. Graceland Wedding Chapel

This chapel is a Las Vegas classic. Home to the unique Elvis wedding, this chapel does over 200 weddings a week and has been around since 1927! This wedding chapel provides all the usual services with flowers and DVD recording technology to capture your Vegas wedding in all its glory. They customize the service to be romantic or fun, but no matter what it’s bound to be unforgettable. This chapel was also home to a collection of celebrity weddings including Jon Bon Jovi and Billy Ray Cyrus. If the guy that sang “Achey Breaky Heart” got married there then you know it must not be that bad.

2. Viva Las Vegas

This is the biggest chapel in Vegas. This is another Vegas classic as they offer 32 different wedding themes that vary from Hollywood to celebrity themed weddings. For instance, you can have an Alice Cooper wedding. Where else can you have a wedding like that? Again, this chapel is all about choices just like its host city. Customers can choose to have an indoor ceremony in the main chapel or have it in a smaller chapel or even in the DooWoop Diner chapel (themed after the 50s) and those are just a few of the choices. This is the perfect place to have your wedding take place if you’re not quite sure whether to go serious or silly. Here, you can have a bit of both worlds.

1. Victoria’s Wedding Chapel

This is the newest chapel on the list but it has already made quite a name for itself. Here, the details are important. Customers can choose from Victoria’s Chapel, the outdoor Pavilion or the Embassy Down. All are known for their picture perfect quality. For instance, the chapel features marble floors, oak pews and a ceiling painted to resemble an outdoor peaceful sky. Victoria’s is home to award winning cuisine, wedding cakes, sushi bar…everything you can imagine to complete your wedding! If you’re looking for a chapel to give you a traditionally beautiful wedding that is spacious and perfect for photos and home videos then look no further.

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