Sin City and Halloween, what could be a more awesome combination?! Las Vegas does everything to the extreme, which is why Las Vegas is home to the world’s largest costume parties. Hosts of scandalously dressed monsters and other creative spooky characters take to the streets, roll the Vegas Strip in limousines and fill the night clubs. If you’re in Vegas for Halloween, here are a few tips to make it frighteningly memorable!

During the Day

Las Vegas is a 24 hour city, which means Halloween goes all day. Check out the Fright Dome, one of the top 5 scariest attractions in the country at Circus Circus, a whole amusement park turned haunted. Or there’s the Haunted Reef at the Mandalay Bay, a giant shark aquarium turned evil.


Hit the Las Vegas Annual Halloween Parade – Start the night early and check out one of the world’s only Halloween Parades. There will be an epic costume contest with several categories to compete in and get win prizes! It’s starts at 7PM and is located on Graces and 4th Street.


Roll the Las Vegas Strip – Once you’ve had your fill at the parade take this opportunity to rest your feet since the night is still young and there will be plenty of dancing ahead in the clubs. Gather your group and load into one of Las Vegas’s famous party bus’s or a stretch hummers or limousines and roll Las Vegas Boulevard. Thousands of monsters and ghouls will be walking the 4 mile glittering Strip, this will be your chance to see them all.

Rock one of the World’s Largest Costume Parties – The hottest night clubs on earth will be getting even hotter with all the demons and devils on their dance floors. These parties will go all night long and even after Dracula has gone to bed. Some of these parties include the Fetish and Fantasy Ball held at the Stardust and the M!KEATTACK’d at the Palms. All the major clubs will be bump’n in the night so you really can’t go wrong.

Come to famous Las Vegas and experience Halloween like never before!

Planning a Vegas Wedding

This is the ultimate Infographic for planning your own Las Vegas Wedding! People don’t always elope to Vegas. Weddings in Las Vegas range from small and intimate to larger celebrations to barely remembered ceremonies by an intoxicated bride and groom. From choosing one of the famous chapels to picking the luxurious limousine from AWG Ambassador, weddings in legendary Las Vegas are anything but ordinary. Learn more about Las Vegas weddings with our infographic titled, “Plan your Vegas Wedding”. Share with your friends and start planning your next wedding destination in Sin City!

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3 Things Every Vegas Wedding Needs

Plan the Las Vegas Wedding just how you imagined it, cruising down the sparkling Vegas BLVD in your stretch Limousine with that Iconic wedding chapel in sight. Your Vegas wedding is only limited by your imagination. Vegas loves to delight and there is no end to the possibilities in Sin City. Whether you’re eloping or you’re planning a big wedding with friends and family, here are three must haves to include for your ideal Vegas Wedding.

  1. The Luxury Ride – This may be the most important of the 3. There is no better way to kick off the wedding tour than to climb into a luxurious stretch limousine or hummer. Your transportation will set the ambiance for the whole event. I dare you not to smile when your sexy ride pulls up and bids your entry. There are many incredible deals to be had on Las Vegas wedding Limousine Packages.
  2. Famous Wedding Chapel – With so many places to get married in Las Vegas you may feel overwhelmed. There are a variety of charming ways to get hitched in Vegas and all are iconic. You can have the knot tied by Elvis with a ceremony performed at the Viva Las Vegas Chapel, hit one of the famous drive-through chapels like The little Church of the West, or go super classy with one of the major Casino Wedding Ballrooms.
  3.  A Room to Remember – There is no better time to spoil yourselves than on the night of your wedding. Vegas just so happens to be the ultimate honeymoon destination. Ask your hotel/casino about honeymoon packages. Almost all casinos offer deals for suites and newlywed/honeymoon packages. This is especially true if your wedding ceremony is in the same hotel/casino as the one you’re staying at. Be sure to ask about your options and leave Vegas with lasting memories.

Besides the legal requirements like the marriage license application, which you would do well in not to forget, these 3 things will ensure you have the Iconic Vegas Style wedding. Here’s to the happy couple!