4 Special Occasions You Should Book an Luxury Limo For

Make any occasion special with a luxury limo.

A luxury limo can be a great way to make an event more special.

Weddings, parties and corporate events can be stressful to plan or attend. The last thing you want to worry about is how you or your guests will get to the event, whether you are planning the special occasion or just attending. For many occasions, hiring a luxury limo in Vegas can keep your stress levels down while you arrive in style. If you’re planning to attend or hold any of these special events, let a limo service in Vegas get you there on time and hassle free.

Bachelor or Bachelorette

Las Vegas is the place to go for that final singles party. If you’re looking to celebrate your prenuptials in the city of lights and sound, don’t depend on grimy taxis to get you around. You deserve to see the sights like royalty in your own Las Vegas limo. Your personal driver will meet you at your gate ready to take you and your friends on a chauffeured weekend you will never forget. If wedding planning has stressed you out, don’t stress about travel during your pre-wedding get away.


For many young adults, prom is the first chance to dress up and feel like royalty. If your son or daughter is getting ready to attend their high school prom, chances are they don’t want you dropping them off in your mini van. Treat your teenager to a night of class with a luxury Vegas limo. Most limos have enough room to fit all their friends, or you can chose a more personal option with their own personal car.


For many couples, the wedding day is the most important day of their lives. After months or even years of choosing colors, invitations and dinner napkins, don’t let transportation go unplanned. This detail is especially important for those having Las Vegas destination weddings or family from out of town. You don’t have to wait around for unreliable taxis to get you or your loved ones to the ceremony, and you certainly don’t want anyone to be left without a ride. Using a limo service in Vegas will allow you and your guests to arrive to your wedding on time and in style. Stress less with transportation in a luxury Vegas limo.

A Night on the Town

Whether you’re a new Vegas visitor or a familiar face, there’s nothing better than a chauffeured night on the town to take your trip to the top. If you’re looking to see the beautiful sights of Las Vegas, let a knowledgeable Las Vegas limo driver show you the best of the best.

No matter how big or small your event may be, you should always arrive on time and in style. If you’re looking for a luxury limo in Vegas, contact us. Making reservations for your pre-wedding parties, the big day, prom or a night on the town is easier than ever at AWG Ambassador.

Why You Should Use a High-End Limousine Service for Airport Travel

Get airport services from a limousine service.

A limousine service can provide airport services.

When you fly into an airport, you need to find the best way possible to get to your hotel and anywhere else you need to get around town. For many people, a rental car is the most lucrative choice. However, when it comes to airport transportation in Las Vegas, a limousine service can often be one of the most cost-effective, beneficial options.

An Economical Choice

A limousine service in Las Vegas isn’t as expensive as some people might think. In fact, when compared to the cost of a taxi to get where you’re going throughout your trip or the price of a rental car, insurance and gas, you will quickly realize the cost-efficiency of hiring a limo to get you around instead. A Las Vegas airport service will pick you up at the airport, get you to your hotel and anywhere else you are going and then take you back to the airport, all at one affordable flat rate.


When you’re traveling, especially if you’re on business, you likely have a tight schedule you need to follow. For this reason, you need to work with professionals who are reliable and can get you where you’re going on your set schedule. At AWG, our airport transportation services include:

  • Meet and greet services
  • Assistance with luggage
  • Access to meet you at the gate

Airport transportation in Las Vegas will arrive in time to pick you up after you land and will hold to the exact schedule you provide. You don’t have to worry about whether you will be able to make it to your next event on time or struggle to round up all your luggage.

Time Efficiency

Because traffic patterns can be unpredictable and you may not know exactly where you are going, a limousine service in Las Vegas can help you get around on your time frame so you don’t have worry about being late. Experienced drivers know all about the traffic patterns and when traffic is at its worst, avoiding those times and areas to ensure you arrive on time, every time.

A Las Vegas airport service understands the importance of keeping to your schedule when you travel to this city, whether you’re here for business or pleasure. You will be able to spend your time relaxing, enjoying the ride and even getting some work done, instead of feeling tense and worried about getting to your destination on time. A reliable limousine service understands the importance of your time and strives to get you to your destination with less stress and less hassle.

If you’re looking for airport transportation in Las Vegas, contact us. Our drivers look forward to meeting you right at the gate, assisting with your luggage and taking you wherever you need to go!

The Benefits of Hiring a Luxury Limo Service for Your Corporate Events

Get around for your corporate event with a limo service.

A limo service can make a corporate event more special.

Corporate events can take business people across the country and even around the world. When these events take place in Las Vegas, you can make it even easier for those in attendance by hiring a Las Vegas car service. Not only will they enjoy the convenience of an airport shuttle, but a limo service will meet them at the gate for wherever they need to go, including sight-seeing in their free time.

Put Your Best Foot Forward

At corporate events, you want to make the best impression. Hiring a limo service in Vegas to help you or your attendees get around to all of the corporate events will create an air of importance. Not only will everyone enjoy being transported around town by professional drivers, but you will also make an excellent impression on the others in attendance. Nothing says, “I’m important” more than arriving in a beautiful limousine. A luxury limousine service will provide a driver to meet the attendees at the gate, help gather and load luggage, and will make sure they get to the hotel or conference in time to check in.

A Chance to Relax

Just because employees are traveling for business, not pleasure, doesn’t mean they don’t deserve to relax while they’re away. It all starts with an airport shuttle in Las Vegas that allows them to relax after their flight without having to worry about standing in line at the rental car desk or figuring out how to get to the hotel. When they are picked up door-to-door by a limousine, they will be able to sit back, listen to their favorite music and even sip on a drink while they move from one place to another, helping to alleviate any stress they may feel.

Conference Events Can Start On Time

Drivers working for a Las Vegas car service can help the conference attendees get where they need to go more quickly. Not only are these drivers professional and courteous, but they also know the best ways to get from one point to another within the city and even beyond. This means there’s no need to figure out how much travel time is needed and whether facing heavy traffic during the drive will be a problem. A luxury car service is aware of all of these issues and will accommodate them in their schedule.

Easy Reservations

Trying to get the perfect rental car can be one of the biggest hassles when it comes to traveling for a corporate event. It can also be a major expense your business may not want. A limousine service is often a more affordable option and is much easier to reserve than a rental car. All that’s needed is to  make the reservation online.

Hiring a Las Vegas car service for your corporate event can provide a variety of benefits. Not only will you save money over the cost of a rental car or taking a taxi from one place to another, but you and the other attendees will be able to relax and enjoy the trip.

If you’re looking for a limo service in Vegas for your next corporate event, contact us. Along with all the usual luxury limousine company features, we offer meet and greet at the gate and luggage assistance!