For Las Vegas Locals Only

Las Vegas (credit: Fain)

Just about everyone knows that Las Vegas is the place to go for fun. Shows, convention space, casinos and drive-thru wedding chapels make Las Vegas one of the top travel destinations for people all over the world. But did you know there’s a whole range of attractions and deals, just for Las Vegas locals.

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Take a Break from the Glitz with a Las Vegas Nature Excursion

Lake MeadWhether you’re a Las Vegas native, frequent visitor or first-time guest, you owe it to yourself to take a little time away from all the glitz and glamour and experience the natural side of things. Yes, there really is a natural side!

Long before Vegas became known for the strip, celebrity poker, amazing nightlife and quickie weddings, the natural beauty of the area was luring explorers, adventurers and settlers. The name “Las Vegas” is Spanish for “The Meadows” and came into use in 1829 when Spanish explorers led by Antonio Armijo discovered a lush desert oasis surrounding artesian springs at the site of present-day Las Vegas. It is estimated that humans had been utilizing the springs for 15,000 years by then.

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