Your Vegas Vacation: Cirque du Soleil Style

Photo by Flickr user dreambird

Cirque du Soleil or “Circus of the Sun” have been thrilling audiences since its creation in 1984 with their first show. This mix of circus and street performing has traveled the world sharing their vision of magic, wonder, and acrobatics. Their themed shows have spanned the boards from mystical to musical. Las Vegas is home to eight of their original shows. Enough to fill a Vegas vacation to the brim with amazing shows. Each show as fantastic and different as the next. Continue reading

Top 5 “Age Appropriate” Shows for Kids in Las Vegas

Credit: Lisa Padilla / Flickr

If you’re planning a trip to Las Vegas with the kids, it’s important to know which shows are “kid friendly”. While there is plenty of adult entertainment in Las Vegas, there’s also tons of fun that families can enjoy as well. Here are the top five family friendly shows that everyone can enjoy. Continue reading

Rev Your Engines During Your Vegas Vacation

Photo courtesy Flickr user chrisjbarker

Does heavy metal make your heart beat faster? Not the rock and roll version – the kind with wheels. Is your blood part engine oil? If big engines, fast tracks, and screaming tires are your thing, then a Vegas vacation is right up your alley. Featuring some of the biggest and best auto attractions in the world, you can choose the perfect vacation attractions right here in Las Vegas. Whether you want to drive or watch, the choice is yours. Some of your choices include: Continue reading