Surprise Them With A Stretch Limo

We recently heard a story about parents who used limo service to make a Thanksgiving trip very special. Every year they went to see relatives. Everyone liked the trip, but they had taken it so many times it was a little boring. The parents came up with a plan to add a little excitement and make the trip a little more memorable. Continue reading

Your Vegas Vacation: Cirque du Soleil Style

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Cirque du Soleil or “Circus of the Sun” have been thrilling audiences since its creation in 1984 with their first show. This mix of circus and street performing has traveled the world sharing their vision of magic, wonder, and acrobatics. Their themed shows have spanned the boards from mystical to musical. Las Vegas is home to eight of their original shows. Enough to fill a Vegas vacation to the brim with amazing shows. Each show as fantastic and different as the next. Continue reading

Top 5 “Age Appropriate” Shows for Kids in Las Vegas

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If you’re planning a trip to Las Vegas with the kids, it’s important to know which shows are “kid friendly”. While there is plenty of adult entertainment in Las Vegas, there’s also tons of fun that families can enjoy as well. Here are the top five family friendly shows that everyone can enjoy. Continue reading

July Events for Your Las Vegas Vacation

Las Vegas Boulevard in front of Paris Hotel (Photo courtesy Flickr user jerica.c)

You know you can come to Las Vegas for casinos and gambling whenever you want, but that’s not all that Sin City has to offer!  Las Vegas has something for every taste – check out some of the great events this July!

If you came for the 4th…

Las Vegas Valley, as viewed from outer space, is the brightest city on Earth, so you know that a holiday based on shooting brightly-colored explosives in the air is right up our alley.

A number of fireworks shows will be going off on the night of the fourth.  You can head to Caesar’s Palace, which will set off fireworks from the top of its Roman Tower.  Fireworks will also be set off in Symphony Park, where you can listen to a concert by the Las Vegas Philharmonic.  For a stunning view of the city and the fireworks at Caesar’s Palace, try the Eiffel Tower Experience at Paris Las Vegas.  A ticket gets you a panoramic view of the fireworks, access to the observation deck, an American flag to wave, and a cocktail of your choice.

If you like country music…

The Country Superstars Tribute at Planet Hollywood’s V Theater is a fun-filled show.  Performers pay tribute to country superstars like Shania Twain, Tim McGraw, and Reba McIntyre.  Country music fans will love seeing all their favorites in one show.

If you brought kids…

Kids on vacation with you?  Fear not – even though they won’t be allowed to gamble in the casinos, you can show them an even better time by taking them to Excalibur Casino for the Tournament of Kings.  This dinner show places you right in the middle of a medieval tournament.  You’ll be served dinner (which you eat with your hands, for added authenticity) and assigned a king to cheer for, based on your seating.  It’s a fun-filled show that will have kids cheering and laughing all night.

Cirque du Soleil will be in town all month, playing eight different shows at different locations.  Choose between Mystere, Criss Angel Believe, Ka, O, The Beatles: Love, Zarkana, Zumanity, and Michael Jackson: One.  Cirque du Soleil is sure to amaze kids and adults alike.  Remember that Zumanity has adult themes, so it may not be appropriate for every member of the family.

No matter what your purpose in coming to Vegas, you’re sure to find fun events to go to.  And wherever it is that you’d like to go while you’re here, we’d love to take you.  Call us today to reserve a Las Vegas limo!

Top 5 Reasons Why a Vegas Vacation Should be Your Next Family Vacation

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