Your Vegas Vacation: Cirque du Soleil Style

Photo by Flickr user dreambird

Cirque du Soleil or “Circus of the Sun” have been thrilling audiences since its creation in 1984 with their first show. This mix of circus and street performing has traveled the world sharing their vision of magic, wonder, and acrobatics. Their themed shows have spanned the boards from mystical to musical. Las Vegas is home to eight of their original shows. Enough to fill a Vegas vacation to the brim with amazing shows. Each show as fantastic and different as the next.

“O” Creating an aquatic world with a theatrical romance, this production takes place both in, on, and above the water. With synchronized swimmers, divers, and aerialists, they create an ever-changing environment that will leave you as breathless as if you had dove in yourself.

Michael Jackson ONE The creative genius that was Michael comes to life again with a tale of four misfits who set out on a trans formative adventure. By the end of their journey, each will personify the agility, courage, playfulness and love that was Michael. Inspired and let by the music of Michael Jackson, it is a must for any fan.

Mystere A classic Cirque du Soleil production with all the costuming, color, and feeling of their shows. This production holds all that made Cirque du Soleil the amazing company that it is. With Chinese pole acts, hand to hand balancing, bungee, and the aerial high bar, you will watch with wonder as some of the finest acrobats take the stage and make your heart race.

The Beatles LOVE The living legend of the Beatles still goes on, even with the passing of time. Their music is still very much alive in this Cirque du Soleil show that uses the master tapes from Abbey Road Studios. With a cast of 60 international artists on the stage, they bring the youthful energy to the timeless sound of the Beatles.

Zumanity Cirque du Soleil shows their sensual side with a show that combines playful innuendo with a daring eroticism. This provocative cabaret-style will have you laughing at the outrageous humor and gasping at the daring acrobatics. This breathless show will leave you wanting more.

Criss Angel BELIEVE Criss Angel is a master of magic who thrills audiences with his illusions. He has teamed up with the magical cast of Cirque du Soleil to create a wondrous show that includes 40 of his mind-blowing illusions. The combination of illusion, laughter, and excitement will have you wondering if you BELIEVE.

Zarkana A visually stunning production of modern acrobatics set in an extraordinary world of an abandoned theater, you follow Zark on his dark quest to regain his powers and the love of his life. He faces a motley collection of strange and wonderful characters in a spellbinding extravaganza.

Ka The tale of twins who set out on a journey to fulfill their destinies and amaze you with their trip. With a cast of 80 artists from around the world, this production incorporates acrobatic feats with Capoeira dance and martial arts to entertain and amaze you.

With eight shows to choose from, you can’t watch just one. For fans of Cirque du Soleil, or a person who has never experienced their wonder, Las Vegas is the best place in the world to enter their world and experience their magic. Leave your disbelief at the door and enter into the world of Cirque du Soleil. You will never be the same again.

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