Surprise Them With A Stretch Limo

We recently heard a story about parents who used limo service to make a Thanksgiving trip very special. Every year they went to see relatives. Everyone liked the trip, but they had taken it so many times it was a little boring. The parents came up with a plan to add a little excitement and make the trip a little more memorable.

They wanted their children to have positive memories of family gatherings. So, the father worked overtime and saved a little extra money for the annual family trip.

The week before the trip was the usual packing and preparation. They had done this so many times, their two sons didn’t even talk about it. They just did as they had for several years. As the parents watched this, they knew their decision was a good decision.

The day to leave for the airport, the two sons got their luggage and headed to the car to put it in the trunk. The father told them to wait and just put it by the front door. This intrigued them because it was different. They asked why and were told, “just because.” So, they paid a little more attention to what was going on.

The parents got the house ready and told the boys to wait on the front porch while they did one final check. As the boys waited, a stretch limo drove up to the house and the driver addressed them by name. What? Going to the airport in a limo? They yelled their friends’ names so they could see the limo too. Their excitement was evident the entire ride to the airport and they told the relatives about it many times.

Just one change in the plans added to the memory and once again made positive family memories.

Want to add a little excitement to a holiday family trip? Contact us today and schedule a stretch limo for your holiday trip.

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