How About Dinner And A Show For Your Vegas Vacation?

Planning a trip to Las Vegas? It’s always good to know what deals are available for your Vegas Vacation so you can plan accordingly. Here are five shows to see in Vegas that include a dinner option when you purchase tickets.

5. Le Reve- The Dream

There is no other show like Le Reve (meaning The Dream in French). It’s difficult to even do it justice with the written word. Let’s just say that the stage performance includes water, fire, swimming and acrobatics. It’s a wonderment to the eyes and no seat is further than 42 feet away from the stage, so the performance is always up close and personal. The show is at the Wynn Theater and includes a special ticket sale that includes a buffet dinner.

4. LOVE Cirque du Soleil

There are a variety of versions of Cirque du Soleil in Vegas. LOVE is a performance that is pretty unforgettable because of how unique and different it is from other Vegas shows. The show takes a psychedelic look back at the 60s with complex scenes and important musical ballads. The performance takes its focus from The Beatles which garuntees not just good music, but a good story for almost any audience. The show takes place at the LOVE Theater at the Mirage and one of the tickets options up for sale includes dinner.

3. Human Nature: The Motown Show

Smokey Robinson presents this fantastic show performed at the Sands Showroom at the Venetian. The stage show has been praised for its musical selection and for its four outstanding lead vocalists that wow audiences every time they hit the stage and belt out the selected tunes. This unforgettable concert has its vocalists belting out motown hits which makes the show performance unique and a feast for the ears. Buying tickets for this Venetian show comes with the option of including dinner at either I Love Burgers or Pinot Brasserie.

2. Blue Man Group

Look, it’s simple: no one should go to Las Vegas without seeing the Blue Man Group. People that see a show by this group never stop talking about it. The Blue Man Group is different and entertaining in all the right ways. They’ve become world famous and synonymous with Vegas stage performances as they’ve wowed audiences with their unique stage numbers and for, well, painting themselves blue. This is another performance you can choose to get dinner with when you purchase one of the ticket options.

1. Absinthe

Absinthe is a stage show that is different if nothing else at all. Performed at Caesers Palace, Absinthe always has audiences walking away shocked, dazzled and entertained. Absinthe uses the human body as its focus. World class arists wow audiences with their unbelievable beats of strength, felxibility and balance and, of course, one of the ticket buying options include having dinner included.

[Photo credit: Gordon Ednie/Flickr]

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