Rev Your Engines During Your Vegas Vacation

Photo courtesy Flickr user chrisjbarker

Does heavy metal make your heart beat faster? Not the rock and roll version – the kind with wheels. Is your blood part engine oil? If big engines, fast tracks, and screaming tires are your thing, then a Vegas vacation is right up your alley. Featuring some of the biggest and best auto attractions in the world, you can choose the perfect vacation attractions right here in Las Vegas. Whether you want to drive or watch, the choice is yours. Some of your choices include:

Las Vegas Motor Speedway – If driving is your thing, the Las Vegas Motor Speedway can put you behind the wheel. With the Richard Petty driving experience, Dream Racing, and Exotic Racing, you can live the chance of a lifetime behind the wheel of some of the fastest cars ever made.

American Muscle Car Driving Experience – If the track doesn’t excite you, how about racing through the 30-mile tour of the Red Rock Canyon in an American Muscle Car. Experience the thrill of being behind the wheel of some of the greatest cars, from a Shelby to a Camaro and more. Going through 3 checkpoints, you change vehicles for a chance to experience all the muscle cars you can handle.

Vegas Mini Baja Chase – If the road is too confining for you, take to the dunes in the Las Vegas Mini Baja Chase. Racing across the sand in a desert racer across over 15,000 acres of dunes, gravel, hard pack, hills, valleys, washed out creek beds, and trails. Available in a variety of sizes, and offering different packages, you can customize your Baja Chase experience. This off-road adventure is not for the weak of heart.

Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing and Las Vegas Mini Gran Prix – If indoor kart racing is more your thing, you have plenty of tracks to choose from. With two of the largest kart racing facilities in the world, Vegas can give you the experience you are looking for. With group rates, party options, and high speed karts, both centers offer the thrills and excitement of driving these karts up to 50 mph.

Dig This Heavy Equipment Playground – If you like your metal even heavier, how about a bulldozer? Or an excavator. Dig This offers you the chance to operate the huge equipment you see on the construction sites. In a giant sandbox, you can bring to life all the dreams you imagined as a kid pushing dump trucks around in the dirt. Let your inner child free as you dig trenches or build huge mounds in some of the big machines.

Bonnie & Clyde Death Car and Counts Kustoms – If you prefer to look instead of drive, you can experience the thrill of seeing one of the most famous cars in history. The stolen car driven by Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow is on display at Whiskey Pete’s Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. Or stop in Counts Customs to see some of the most featured custom painted choppers and hot rods. Owner Danny “The Count” Koker gives tours of his collection and his shop.

Rev up your engine and race to Vegas to experience the best vacation of your life. From looking, to riding, to driving, to dunes, if it has wheels, you can find it in Las Vegas. Dreaming of driving a race car, or drooling over the latest custom work chopper is nothing compared to experiencing it in person. Don’t dream it – do it. Vegas style.

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