Top 5 Magic Shows for Your Weekend in Las Vegas

Credit: user Spinnn

Ready for a weekend in Las Vegas? No? Well, allow us to help you get ready. Here’s a list of the top five magic shows to consider when visiting the great city of Las Vegas.

1. Penn & Teller

This dynamic duo has rocked Vegas for years and they have a little bit of something for everybody. They’ve got illusions like you’ve never seen before, comedy and a chemistry that has made them an iconic duo internationally and one of Vegas’ staples. We all recently saw Penn fight to try and win Celebrity Apprentice, now come and see him in his natural environment where him and Teller will fight to win your amazement and laughs!

2. David Copperfield

Considered one of the world’s greatest magicians, there is no way to walk away from this show not wowed. Another must-see when it comes to Vegas, Copperfield will dazzle you and make your Vegas weekend or extended Vegas vacation one to remember. The man recently consulted on hit films like The Incredible Burt Wonderstone and Now You See Me, so now come and see the magic up close and personal. We’ll take you there!

3. Criss Angel

The man has won headlines and much attention for his stunts and “magic.” He must be seen to be believed. Angel is definitely one of the Vegas magic shows you must see while in Vegas. Nowhere else can you see his undescribable act. We are telling you one last time: you must see it to believe it.

4. Mac King Comedy Magic Show

Like a little comedy with your magic act? No problem. This act has got you covered. While soaking in Vegas during the day, come catch a comedy magic show and be wowed while also laughing harder than you have in a long time!

5. Murray Celebrity Magic

Most may remember him from America’s Got Talent, but there is far more up this man’s sleeve…and in his blonde hair! The man once made a 1918 steam train locomotive disappear in seconds…that is all.

Now you’re ready for trip to Las Vegas. Contact us and let’s make it happen!

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