Las Vegas Restaurants That Will Satisfy Your Inner Foodie

Nobody wants bad food on vacation. On vacation in Las Vegas we all deserve to eat like kings and queens! Here are five restaurants to help your taste buds savor your next vacation to the great city of Las Vegas.

5. Gordon Ramsay Pub & Grill

We all know Gordon Ramsay from his hit television shows like Hell’s Kitchen and Kitchen Nightmares, but the man’s true talent beyond entertainment is fine dining and fine cooking. One of his most casual restaurants is his Pub & Grill in Vegas. Catch a lunch or dinner at this place and you won’t forget it. The place is known less for its upscale feel and far more for its melt in your mouth food. Customers rave about everything from the steak strips to the world class burgers. It’s definitely a joint you don’t want to skip when choosing where to let your taste buds run free while in Vegas.

4. Joel Robuchon

This restaurant in the MGM Grand, brought to you by chef Joel Robuchon, has been called the best restaurant in Vegas and a one of a kind experience. It has been complimented for everything from its purple decor to its exquisite French cuisine. If you’re looking for fine dining then this is certainly the place. It’s very much on the pricey side, but it provides a once in a lifetime experience and there is no other Vegas restaurant quite like it.

3. Raku

This restaurant is said to be the place many chefs come to eat on their off hours. Raku provides Japanese dishes prepared like nowhere else. They may be small plates, but the complex flavors make customers come back for more and never forget they went in the first place. This is a restaurant most definitely worth checking out because you will not regret it one bit.

2. Picasso

Another pricey restaurant that provides yet another one of a kind experience. This place is brought to you by chef Julian Serrano. The unforgettable French cuisine can be found at the Bellagio. Perhaps even better than the food is the decor which can be found nowhere else. Picasso is filled with actual original Picasso paintings. On top of that it is complimented by a beautiful surrounding view overlooking astonishing fountains. You’ll feel like a king before your food even arrives!

1. Restaurant Guy Savoy

Here’s a restaurant that people just can’t stop raving about. One of Vegas’ most talked about restaurants provides great individualized service and is known for its “food is art” mentality. The French cuisine is near perfection, but the presentation is what truly makes this Vegas restaurant stand out and what will make you never forget your visit. This is the place where the customer comes first and the dining experience is one you’ll talk about even more than the previous customers that recommended it to you.

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