Great Chauffeured Charter Stops in Vegas for Groups

Half of your group has been begging you to book a multi-night trip to Vegas so they can hit the casinos. The other half, however, wants to do more than just gamble and watch the live shows. So what is an argument-weary group leader supposed to do? How about booking a chauffeured charter through a company like AWG Ambassador? Doing so will afford the non-gamblers an opportunity to enjoy the following great venues:

Las Vegas Premium Outlets

Although the Vegas resorts have their share of shops, your group’s avid bargain hunters may prefer the Las Vegas Premium Outlets instead. It’s open year-round and there are several benefits to taking your group there. The benefits include:

  • Weekly Money-Saving Events
  • Group Coupon Booklets
  • 150 Brand Name Shops
  • Onsite Eateries

Red Rock Canyon

If you’ve got shutterbugs and nature lovers among your chauffeured charter group, the Red Rock Canyon is a “must see.” It is home to the famous Mojave Max, dinosaur tracks, assorted cacti, desert wildflowers and a variety of birds. So be sure to bring your binoculars too. Birds your group members may catch sight of are:

  • White-Crowned Sparrows
  • Spotted Towhees
  • Cooper’s Hawks
  • Chukars

Springs Preserve

What about culture and history related attractions? Do they interest your group’s members too? Well then, be sure to add the Springs Reserve to your chauffeured charter’s list of stops. It includes an amazing assortment of diversions all in one location. They include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Train Rides and Railroad Cottages
  • Cycling Trails and Bike Rentals
  • Nevada State Museum
  • Desert Living Center
  • Origen Museum
  • Public Gardens

Want additional information on other spectacular places in Vegas to visit with your group? Please contact us online. Our experienced and professional staff members are eager to help.