5 Unique Places to Have Your Wedding in Vegas

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There’s nothing quite like a Vegas wedding, but it can be difficult to decide exactly where in Vegas to have your actual wedding. The locations for the honeymoon or bachelor and bachelorette parties are much easier to find. However, there are more than enough Vegas chapels and we can help you find them. Here’s five places to hold your Vegas wedding. Continue reading

Planning Your Vegas Vacation: Check Out These Red Hot September Events

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Fall may be slowly approaching in the rest of the U.S., but fall events and show specials will be soon in full swing in Las Vegas. When planning your perfect Vegas vacation, check out the best events for the fall season that will keep you coming back for more.

  1. At the Wynn Hotel, La Reve-The Dream show is in full effect, offering a special fall ticket price. This experience is an abstract and beautifully artistic interpretation of the subconscious mind during sleep. The water based back-drop further expands the cerebral feel of the show which is described as sometimes dark and surreal. Fun Fact: The show was designed around a painting by Picasso which depicts his mistress colorfully and abstract; these qualities are maintained within the production.
  2. Looking for an amazing once and a lifetime experience: Check out Elton John: The Million Dollar Piano, onSeptember 18, 2013 at Caesars Palace. This legendary pianist and songwriter is sure to please; showcasing his accompaniment of musical genius and dramatic imagery. This show will be the benchmark of Elton John’s three year residency at Caesars Coliseum.
  3. Santana will be playing live at The House of Blues from September 11-20th. An Intimate Evening with Santana Greatest Hits Live will be an experience to remember. The show boasts a set list which is compromised of Santana’s greatest hits spanning from the 1960s-to present day. This performer’s intricate guitar playing and entrancing arrangements promise a most memorable experience.
  4. Absinthe, at the Strip Side in Caesars Palace is soon to be a classic in Sin City. Absinthe combines old world burlesque and comedy to keep you on the edge of your seat. The adult only circus atmosphere is ingeniously enhanced by the “ring leader”, aptly named The Gazillionaire, an exaggerated character who provokes the audience to experience whichever emotion he desires. It is said to be an interactive show where anything can happen, and ranges from awe-inspiring to playful and seductive.

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Your Vegas Vacation: Cirque du Soleil Style

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Cirque du Soleil or “Circus of the Sun” have been thrilling audiences since its creation in 1984 with their first show. This mix of circus and street performing has traveled the world sharing their vision of magic, wonder, and acrobatics. Their themed shows have spanned the boards from mystical to musical. Las Vegas is home to eight of their original shows. Enough to fill a Vegas vacation to the brim with amazing shows. Each show as fantastic and different as the next. Continue reading

Top 5 “Age Appropriate” Shows for Kids in Las Vegas

Credit: Lisa Padilla / Flickr

If you’re planning a trip to Las Vegas with the kids, it’s important to know which shows are “kid friendly”. While there is plenty of adult entertainment in Las Vegas, there’s also tons of fun that families can enjoy as well. Here are the top five family friendly shows that everyone can enjoy. Continue reading

Rev Your Engines During Your Vegas Vacation

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Does heavy metal make your heart beat faster? Not the rock and roll version – the kind with wheels. Is your blood part engine oil? If big engines, fast tracks, and screaming tires are your thing, then a Vegas vacation is right up your alley. Featuring some of the biggest and best auto attractions in the world, you can choose the perfect vacation attractions right here in Las Vegas. Whether you want to drive or watch, the choice is yours. Some of your choices include: Continue reading

5 Las Vegas Shows to See This Summer

There’s nothing like the summer. There’s also nothing like a Vegas weekend, but do you want to know what it better than both of those? A Vegas weekend in the summer! We will go ahead and consider your minds blown.

The summer is a perfect time for that Vegas weekend, so here’s five shows to help you fill that weekend time or to act as a little more motivation for you to go ahead and say yes to that Vegas vacation you know you want and deserve. Continue reading