Is Las Vegas the Best Place for Your VIP Executive Meetings?

las vegas car serviceWe know Las Vegas may seem like the last place to spend your time tending to business matters. With nicknames like Sin City and its play hard attitude, you likely hesitate at the thought of taking your associates there for a professional trip. However, Las Vegas can be the perfect spot for your business affairs—for several reasons! Let us enlighten you further on how Las Vegas is the ideal spot for VIP executives looking to connect with like-minded company.

Convention Venues

Believe it or not, Las Vegas has a large number of business-related conventions to attend, the majority of them being the best in their respective industries. In fact, Vegas ranks as the absolute best location for trade shows and similar activities. While you’re in Vegas, you’ll have access to the Convention and Visitors Authority, which specializes in making your executive VIP trip the best it can possibly be in the realms of both professionalism and comfort.


One of the best things about Las Vegas is it’s a fairly close-knit city. Depending on the accommodations you choose, you’ll be nestled right in the heart of every attraction Vegas has to offer and can merely walk anywhere you need to go on foot. However, it’s just as likely that a high rolling professional may seek out other options. In this case, you can also rely on a Las Vegas chauffeured limousine to get from place to place. We’ll have you and your associates covered no matter where you need to go!


You’ll almost never run into scheduling issues if you decide to host your business meeting in Vegas. There are so many venues to choose from that you’ll always be able to pick a convenient time and luxurious meeting place in the city. Once you book the location and time, all that’s left is to wait for your Las Vegas car service to arrive to make sure you get there on time!

Better Attendance Rates

Another great aspect of Las Vegas is its ability to appeal to almost everyone. Should you hold a business event in the city, you’re guaranteed a high turnout. After all, who can turn down a trip to one of the most alluring cities in the world? Should you hold your meeting here, your attendees are sure to be talking about your event for years!

Of course, you can’t set up a VIP executive event in Las Vegas without first hiring an executive limo in Las Vegas to help you get around! Contact us to learn all about our services and how we can help you.

How to Choose the Right Size Las Vegas Limo or Private Car for Corporate Events

Consider which Las Vegas limo fits your needs.

Choose the right size Las Vegas limo for your needs.

When you have an important corporate event, attention to detail is crucial. Hiring transportation in Las Vegas offers many advantages to ensure your event goes smoothly. No matter where you’re going, you’ll arrive on time and in style, but before you finalize your plans, you need to choose your vehicle. Taking a few factors into consideration will make this decision easy and have you on your way in no time.

Party of…

The first thing to consider is how many people are in your party. If it’s just you and a coworker going from the airport to your hotel, an executive sedan in Las Vegas will probably do the trick. However, four or five people with luggage might make a full size SUV the more comfortable choice. You can’t go wrong with a classic Las Vegas limo for an evening event. If you’ve got the entire office in tow, a motor coach or shuttle can accommodate up to 50 plus passengers.

Where To?

The next factor is the type of outing you’re going on. For instance, if you’re heading into the foothills for a team building activity, an SUV is probably best suited to your needs. Going out to see a show or taking your whole group to the hot new restaurant in town? Pulling up in an executive limousine in Las Vegas is classy, tasteful and will make everyone feel spoiled.

Consider Costs

Unless you are fortunate to not worry about money, price will have to be a consideration. Most Las Vegas limo companies will typically charge by the hour, and the price varies depending on the type of vehicle you end up choosing. You should also factor in potential extra fees, such as airport tax or diesel fuel surcharge. Request a custom quote to really find out what your costs will be for your transportation in Las Vegas.

The Little Things

Opulent amenities are perhaps the best part of hiring a limo or private car. Having a bottle of champagne on ice or cold beers when you return takes a mundane event to a memorable one. If you and your co-workers need iPads to use while heading out to your corporate retreat, that can be arranged. A quality transportation in Las Vegas car service will be able to accommodate most anything you request.

Safety First

Security is always of the utmost importance. Whether you’ve decided on a limo, executive sedan in Las Vegas or shuttle, they must be properly registered and insured. A reputable company will gladly show you any documentation you request. Another step to consider is taking the time to view the vehicle in person, just to make sure it’s up to snuff and exactly what you want.

Whatever your needs are for your corporate event, contact us today so we can match you up with the perfect vehicle.

Using a Las Vegas Chauffeured Limousine Is Smart for Business

Make a great impression with a Las Vegas chauffeured limousine.

A Las Vegas chauffeured limousine can make a great impression.

Regardless of what business you’re in, you’ll occasionally have clients come in from out of town. When they do, you can leave them to fend for themselves and rent a car or rely on taxis during their visit. Instead, you could turn their transportation needs from a hassle to a much appreciated perk. Show them you appreciate them and value their business by booking an executive limousine in Las Vegas to transport them while they’re in town.

Send a Limo to Transport Clients From the Airport

“First impressions are lasting impressions.” “Image is everything.” “The devil is in the details.” These sayings are especially true in business. When you have clients, vendors or VIPs flying in to meet with your company, wow them before they even arrive at your office by sending a Las Vegas chauffeured limousine to pick them up. After a long flight, they’ll appreciate your hospitality as they settle in for a comfortable ride to their destination. When you want to make a lasting, positive impression on customers and clients, hiring a limo service in Vegas will certainly achieve that.

Use an Executive Limousine in Las Vegas to Entertain Clients

If you’re located in Las Vegas, you can be fairly certain clients and business associates coming to town to meet with you won’t only be interested in work. After all, they’re coming to the “Entertainment Capital of the World!” Show them your city in style by hiring a limo to take them to all the hot spots. Leave the driving to a professional, courteous chauffeur so you can give your clients your undivided attention as their enthusiastic tour guide. Yes, it is possible to mix business and pleasure, and many a deal has been cemented with a handshake in the back of a limo. Wine and dine your clients, show them a good time and prove your business is a class act that knows how to do things right.

Limos Aren’t Only for Clients

Make a great impression with an executive limousine service.

An executive limousine can make a great impression.

When your employees need to travel for business, a limo service is a cost-effective way to transport a group to the airport or convention center. Many stretch limos can fit 12 or more people. Instead of hiring multiple cabs to transport your group, maximize productivity by hiring a chauffeured limo. Your team can use the time to compare notes about whatever event or meeting they’re traveling to. Additionally, they’ll appreciate the fact their company values them enough to book a limo. Retaining your best and brightest employees is critical to your business’ success. Never underestimate the impact of showing your employees you value them.

Last, but certainly not least, you and your management team can project a polished, professional image by arriving to and departing from important meetings via a chauffeured limo. You’ll turn heads and raise eyebrows for all the right reasons. People naturally want to work with winners. When everyone else drives their own car to the VIP meeting or is dropped off by a cab, but you step out of a limo, you’ll command respect. Respect begets business.

Whether you want to impress clients, show your employees you care or cultivate a refined image by booking a corporate limo, contact us. At AWG, we’re standing by with a fleet of vehicles and courteous, professional drivers to meet your needs.