Nostalgic Tribute Shows Perfect for Your Vegas Vacation

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Las Vegas is a perfect place to step into a time machine and end up wherever and whenever you want to be. Nearly every decade is celebrated along with some of the world’s biggest musical sensations whether they are ten, twenty or thirty years old. A Vegas vacation may call for visiting one of Vegas’ many tribute shows where you can travel back in time and revisit some your oldest memories or create a new experience hearing music and seeing a show you never had the pleasure of seeing thanks to the decade you were born in. Either way, here’s 5 tribute shows that will rock your Vegas vacation.

5. Rat Pack is Back

Before Elvis rocked Las Vegas, there was the smooth and swooning Rat Pack. Though long gone, you can still hear the classic tunes of the famous four musicians at the Rio. Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr. and Joey Bishop come to life in this tribute show full of classic tunes and great tributes to a simpler time. It’s a tribute show praised for its perfectly toned nature, crowd pleasing ways and on note performers. The classics are alive and well here and you can catch them almost any night at the Rio.

4. MJ Live (Tribute to Michael Jackson)

Here’s one the whole family can enjoy on a Las Vegas vacation. Michael Firestone has been making headlines, fans and satisfied customers with his uncanny tribute show to Michael Jackson. The performance is becoming wildly popular. The dance moves are there, the voice is there and all your favorite Michael Jackson hits like “Beat It” and “Thriller” spice the whole show up. Firestone has been impersonating Jackson’s voice and moves since he was a young adult in North Carolina. He has perfected the talent with this tribute show. You can catch it any night at the Rio.

3. Australian Bee Gees (Tribute to the Bee Gees)

Here’s a tribute show that will really take you to another time. The Australian Bee Gees formed in 1996 and immediately won acclaim and kudos for their eleaborate shows and ability to capture the distinct Bee Gees sound. The band has played sold out shows to more than one million people in over forty countries. They know what they’re doing and people love them for it. Their home now is Las Vegas and their show is just as fun and elaborate from the great disco tunes to the stage show performance featuring elaborate light shows, dance numbers and video clips. Another show you can catch almost any night at the Excalibur.

2. The King starring Trent Carlini

This is a Las Vegas show that defines tribute shows. Trent Carlini is considered one of the finest King impersonators in Las Vegas and he brings a genuine sense of love and tribute to his performances. He’s won acclaim for not just impersonating the King, but by giving the show his own spin and by truly paying tribute to the King’s work in music and film. Carlini’s wife, Ashley Belle, does solo work too and provides dance numbers for each of the belted out tunes which include songs from every decade of Evlis’ career. You can catch the show most nights at the Las Vegas Hotel and Casino (LVH). You’d be hard pressed to find a better King tribute show anywhere in Las Vegas.

1. Purple Reign, THE Prince Tribute Show

Here’s a show that is almost the epitome of what a Las Vegas show is. There’s showgirls, great tunes and the whole thing is meant to just be fun. Jason Teller has been perfecting the performance for more than ten years. The stage show is based off of Prince’s infamous role in the movie Purple Rain and it includes some of his biggest hits including When Dove’s Cry, Let’s Go Crazy and 1999. Fans can party like it’s the days when Prince ruled and enjoy Vegas for all its worth with this acclaimed and crowd pleasing tribute show. The show is performed at the Reign Theater at Hooters.

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