Las Vegas Limousine Company Takes Summer Visitors to See Natural Attractions

Valley of Fire, Nevada (Credit: Flickr/Robert Vignola)

Visiting Las Vegas in the summer is a wonderful opportunity to experience the excitement of the Strip, the heart-pounding action at the casinos and the relish in the relaxation of the resorts. Yet, did you know that there is a Las Vegas limousine company that helps summer travelers also marvel at the area’s natural beauty? Why rent a car when you can be driven to your destination in style?

Grand Canyon

Just 278 miles southeast of Las Vegas, there is the marvelous and world-famous canyon that measures a length of 277 miles. While there, you will hear the roar of the Colorado River, note the natural beauty of the rocks and take in the sheer majesty of this world-renowned natural attraction.

Red Rock Canyon

Located a mere 17 miles to the west of the Las Vegas Strip, Red Rock Canyon is famous for its hiking and equestrian trails. Ask your driver to take you on the 13-mile scenic drive that takes you past some of the most astonishing natural resources the State of Nevada has to offer. Stop at amazing sites that feature rock art and artifacts of Southern Paiute and Patayan cultures.

Valley of Fire

Situated 55 miles northeast of the Las Vegas Strip, the Valley of Fire features Indian petroglyphs that date back some 3,000 years. Endangered desert tortoises are native to this area. Keep your eyes open for a glimpse of these majestic yet elusive reptiles. Enjoy the sight of lizards sunbathing on flat rocks. The play of light and shadows on the rock walls must be seen to be believed.

Mount Charleston

Let your driver take you 35 miles to the northwest of the Strip, and you will find picturesque Mount Charleston. Stunning views compete for your attention. Aspens, mountain mahogany and junipers whisper in a slight breeze. Look for wild burros and listen for songbirds. If you are looking for a respite from the summer heat, come here for temperatures that are markedly cooler than in the city.

The Las Vegas limousine company who can take you to all these wondrous vistas and inimitable natural treasures is AWG Ambassador. Contact us today to book your reservation and see more of Las Vegas and its surrounding areas than you ever imagined.

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