How to Get Trendy in Vegas

Ask any good taxi driver in Las Vegas and you’ll know that Vegas’ entertainment and nightlife is always changing. Vegas offers a wide variety of entertainment from the infamous casinos to beautiful resorts to live entertainment. If you’ve already seen these sights or are looking for some trendy nightlife that you’ve never experienced, you’ll have to visit one of Vegas’ ultra-lounges.

Ultra What?

Being such a trendy city, another nightclub or bar simply won’t do for Sin City. A new and growing trend throughout Vegas is what is called an “ultra lounge”. Now you may be asking yourself what exactly an ultra-lounge is, perhaps a really big lounge?

When you walk into an ultra-lounge, you can expect stylish, modern décor flooding the interior. Multiple rooms with sofas and chairs incorporating different styles can be found through these ultra-lounges. Dancers and models hired by the management help to give off a sexy vibe throughout the lounges. Coupled with techno-electric music from DJs and low tables, ultra lounges have an inviting dance atmosphere.

Ultra lounges having been tearing up the Vegas scene and more casinos are finding themselves making space for ultra-lounges. The MGM Grand started the trend back in 2003 with Tabu, but the trend was soon was followed by a sea of ultra-lounges.

Expectations and Preparations

Having an upscale environment, ultra-lounges will require a stylish dress code upon entering, not to say you won’t be dressing to impress already. Putting on that best shirt and shoes won’t get you right in though, you can expect doormen to allow a higher girl to guy ratio for the club. So best find yourself some female companions to accompany you to hottest nightlife in Vegas.

Like most upscale nightlife places, you can expect a cover charge around $20 to get in. If you had a good day at the casino and are really looking to spend, VIP packages are available starting around $200. With VIP packages, you’ll be able to get to the front of the line with some friends, have a table and bottle service available to you; along with everything else the ultra-lounge offers.

If you’re looking for a stylish, trendy experience like no other in Vegas, make sure that your Las Vegas hotel transportation takes you to an ultra-lounge.

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