Bachelor Party 101: Vegas Style

Paris Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada (Photo courtesy Flickr user Springben)

It is no surprise that Las Vegas is one of the top destination spots for bachelor parties in the U.S. There is a wealth of things to do both in the evening as well as during the daylight hours. When considering a destination bachelor party in Vegas, don’t forget to plan daylight events as well to keep the party rolling. Here are some suggestions for great things to do in Vegas during the day.

  • Golf – There’s nothing like hitting the green in Vegas. Enjoy a cocktail and some friendly competition at places like the Bali Hai Golf Club. This club combines a great atmosphere with even greater rates.
  • Get Pampered – Feeling a bit hungover? Or maybe just a bit nervous about the big day? Why not unwind at the spa. Las Vegas boasts some of the best in the west. Qua Bath and Spa is where it’s at for recovery and good old fashioned man pampering. (And, no, you won’t lose your “man card” for going to the spa!)
  • Racing – Try whipping around the race track and let off some steam. There is nothing quite like laying some rubber down on the track to really get you ready for a night to remember. Pole Position Raceway definitely has what speed freaks are after.
  • Desert Dune Buggying (yes, that’s a word) – Hit the sand dunes of Nevada the right way, and some would say the only way – in a dune buggy. The desert is a gorgeous and intriguing place, why not tear up the sand a while at Sun Buggy Fun Rentals home of the Vegas Mini Baja Chase.
  • Indoor Skydiving – Some risks in Vegas make perfect sense, such as doubling down when the dealer shows six or indoor skydiving at Vegas Indoor Skydiving. Here you are in a controlled environment with a reverse wind tunnel, mesh trampoline floor, and padded foam walls. Indoor skydiving boasts all the thrill of the dive without the plane or parachute.

When it comes to planning your perfect Vegas bachelor party, remember to think outside the box for a true Vegas experience. For more information on great destinations and how to get there in style, please contact us.

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