5 Ways to Save Time & Money on your Vegas Vacation

If you’re planning a trip to Las Vegas and you’re like the rest of us, you are probably stressing over the details like airport and hotel transportation. Knowing your options before you get there can make the difference in saving money, time and energy. Anybody who has been to Vegas will usually list a few things they would have done differently. Here are 5 things that you can do that will save time and money.

1.      Las Vegas Hotel Transportation – You’ve probably seen the fancy stretch limousines and the party bus’s going up and down the street and figured they must be way out of your budget right?… Wrong, it turns out if you’re traveling with a group of people, renting a limo or a party bus can actually turn into savings for your group. There are some great deals floating around Vegas on these luxurious forms of transportation and collectively your group will pay less for one of these vehicles than they would on taxies. Not to mention, you will save time trying to flag down taxis for your whole group and then trying to keep your group organized.

2.      Clubs & Lounges – If you’re going to a club or a lounge, make sure you head down to the club at some point early in the day, preferably between 4 and 7 in the afternoon. Usually all the major clubs offer coupons or even free passes at the door that will not be offered later in the evening when the lines are packed and everyone is trying to get into the club.

3.      Sign up for Club Memberships – There are lots of ways to enjoy the gambling scene in Vegas and not spend all your money. First order of business, which ever Las Vegas Hotel Casino you wish to gamble at, join their players club. Even if you don’t plan on gambling, this is a smart option because these memberships will get you discounts on many of the shows, restaurants, shops and rooms at the casino. If you do hit the tables or the slots, make sure you set your spending limit and stick to it. Don’t be that person who leaves town calling Las Vegas, “Lost Wages” because you didn’t control your gambling.

4.      Timing your trip – Weekends and holidays are usually very busy times for Vegas, and this results in higher prices. If it’s possible, try to plan your Las Vegas vacation during the middle of the week or during the summer months and you will find significantly cheaper airfares and hotel/resort rates.

5.      Eating & Dining – Although it is possible to eat at Buffets for breakfast, lunch and dinner, we don’t recommend it. Typically a decent buffet costs as much as a nice meal so along with an upset stomach; this would not spell savings for you. The best thing to do would be to stop at a grocery store and grab food for breakfast or even for some lunches. During the day most restaurants are more affordable than the buffets. Purchasing drinks in restaurants is a bad idea since there are usually so many drink specials to be had in bars or in the casinos. If you’re sitting on the casino floor, drinks are free. Just ask a cocktail waitress for a drink.

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