How About Dinner And A Show For Your Vegas Vacation?

Planning a trip to Las Vegas? It’s always good to know what deals are available for your Vegas Vacation so you can plan accordingly. Here are five shows to see in Vegas that include a dinner option when you purchase tickets. Continue reading

Surprise Them With A Stretch Limo

We recently heard a story about parents who used limo service to make a Thanksgiving trip very special. Every year they went to see relatives. Everyone liked the trip, but they had taken it so many times it was a little boring. The parents came up with a plan to add a little excitement and make the trip a little more memorable. Continue reading

Tips for Enjoying the Inaugural Life is Beautiful Festival in Las Vegas

Fremont Street Experience pre-Life is Beautfiul Festival

Credit: rustler2x4/flickr

While Las Vegas is a city that is well-known for its entertaining and over-the-top shows, it has only recently become a viable breeding ground for aspiring musicians to catapult themselves onto the national stage.  Popular acts such as The Killers, Imagine Dragons, Panic! At The Disco and Ne-Yo all began their careers in Las Vegas.  Now the city is gearing up for its first inaugural Life is Beautiful Festival – a two-day celebration of art, music and food in the heart of the downtown arts district.

Life is Beautiful promises to be one of the largest events to ever be put on in downtown Las Vegas and brings together a large list of successful national bands, culinary icons and local performers from well-known troupes such as Cirque du Soleil.  Here are a few tips to better enjoy your experience during this exciting, but expectedly crowded event. Continue reading

Comedy Clubs That’ll Bring the Funny to Your Vegas Vacation

Credit: shootmejim/Flickr

There’s nothing better to do in Las Vegas on your Vegas vacation than laugh and laugh you shall if you visit some of Las Vegas’ most famous and best comedy venues. Here’s our list of five famous comedy clubs and venues to visit while you’re in Las Vegas. Continue reading